Employability Program

CorpCampus Employability Program for IT and Engineering Fresher’s

CorpCampus is your new generation Technology learning school with corporate culture and values.

Indian IT organizations are drifting towards employing the technical minds rather than skilled labours. Watch your readiness for joining the evolving and dynamically changing Indian IT Industry. Are you willing to challenge your grey matter ? Do do you want to be the next thought leader of next generation IT India ? If your answer to above questions is YES, then join Employability Program and enjoy the unlimited learning privileges from our Corporate mentors.

Our brilliantly devised Employability Program trains you to be employment ready and get the mileage in your very first job. CorpCampus Employability Program nurtures your technical skills in accordance with corporate culture so that you become the part of IT industry from very first day and your organization starts counting upon your skills and innovative thought process.

We have experienced that the IT industry entrants are not clear about their career goals and aspirations. Their priority lies in just getting the job rather than getting the job of their interest and skills.

Our Technology Group with expert career advisors and Corporate Mentors are all at your service to provide you counselling, so that you can understand your interest, aspirations and fitness for the varied job roles in IT industry.

Current IT Employability Programs:
- Software Test Development Engineer
- Software Development Engineer

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