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About Us

CorpCampus is formed to evolve the Information Technologists in India, by inculcating the innovative thought process into their preparedness for next gen business need of corporate India. We seed the innovation in each engineer and facilitate them to earn the employability, and excel in their career alley. Indian IT ecosystem has matured to realize the importance of innovation, inventions and product creation and most of the IT organizations has taken serious steps to facilitate the idea generations and its implementation inside the organizations.

CorpCampus is all equipped to facilitate our youth in getting prepared for next technology revolution, we have stepped ahead and formulated unique training methodologies with indigenously packaged course curriculum for Scholars as well as Practicing Professionals.

CorpCampus is proudly marching ahead to define, redefine and engineer the training methodologies, which not only prepares the next generation youth for employability but also seeds the research and innovative thought process in them. These trained professionals will lead the technology flag bearers in their respective organizations and form the nation wide workforce to ideate, innovate and create new products and solutions.

We also perform the research on training patterns, methodologies and curriculum for developing the existing IT workforce in India. Majority of the IT professionals tend to become skilled labor by working on the same technology and thus gradually drifting towards becoming obsolete. We utilize their current skills and map them to the upcoming matching technologies and equip them to be ready for latest technologies.

We help Indian corporate to recruit the innovative minds.

Our Business Values

• Continuous learning
• Partnership
• Excellence through research & development
• Innovation